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Learn Nepalese Launguage

Learn Nepalese Launguage

Learn Nepalese Phrase and Verbs:





(Tapaiilai) Kasto Cha?

How are you?

(Malai) Thik Cha

I am fine

Khana khannu bhaiyo?

Have you eaten? (used often as informal greeting)


Thank you

Tapaiiko naam ke ho?

What is your name?

Maaph garnuhos

Excuse me/ pardon me/ sorry

Maile bhujhina

I don’t understand

Maile bhujhe

I understand

Pheri bhetaunla

I hope we meet again

Ma / Hami

I / We



Yo / Tyo

This / That

Useful Adjectives


Mahango / Sasto

Expensive / Cheap

Ramro / Naramro

Good / Bad

Sapha / Phohar

Clean / Dirty

Thulo / Sano

Big / Small

Sajilo / Gahro

Easy / Hard

Thada / Najik

Far / Close

Chito / Dhilo

Fast / Slow

Tato / Cheeso

Hot / Cold (for food)

Garmi / Jaado

Hot / Cold (for weather)

Naya / Purano

New / Old

Dhani / Garib

Rich / Poor


Question Words













How much



Kina / kinabhane

Why / because


How (of quality)









1 / ek




2 / dui




3 / tin




4 / char




5 / panchs




100 / ek saye

200 / dui saye

1000 ek hazar



Expressions of Time




Aaja / Today

Hijo / Yesterday

Bholi / Tomorrow

Ghanta / Hour

Din / Day

Haptaa / Week

Mahina / Month

Barsa / Year

Bihaana / Morning

Diunso / Afternoon

Beluka / Evening

Raatri / Night

Subha raatri

Good night



Kati bhajyo?

What time is it?

Ek bhajyo

One o’ clock


General Conversation


Tapaiko naam k ho?

What is your name?

Mero naam Anjeela ho.

My name is Anjella .

Tapai kaha bata aaunu bhayako ho?

Where are you from?

Ma Australia bata ayeko hu

I am from Australia.

Tapaiko pariwar ma ko ko hunuhuncha?

Who are there in your family?

Mero pariwar ma aama/buwa ani tin jan dai harru hunuhuncha.

I have my parents, and three older brothers.

Tapaiiko bihe bhayo?

Are you married?

Mero bihe bhaiyo / bhayeko chaina?

I am married / not married.

Yo / tyo ke ho?

What is this / that?

Tapailai bhetda khushi lagyo.

Nice to meet you

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