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Education for All

We are always inclining toward the progress, prosperity and success of our clients. We don’t want only business rather e need the progress of society and our clients. Advanced adventure is seeking the way to provide the better education in the community. As we all are suffering from the   major problems called Brain Drain we are highly worrying and planning to avoid the problems.

We are not only doing the trek to Himalayas .we have the major responsibility to offer the education in the society for underprivileged group. We want the memorable trip of our clients and they have to very good opportunity to glance the natural beauty in Nepal. Likewise we want to contribute in education and nourishment of some underprivileged children from rural parts of Gorkha district, in western Nepal. With the help of Pioneer Foundation Nepal we have been helping in various aspect of local community. We have involved in scholarship program, sanitation and school rebuild program of Gorkha .

We are sponsoring the children from various ages and academic levels based on their economic status. Moreover, we have been helping them in education, medical emergencies, stationery and living expenses in Gorkha and Kathmandu. We always for those we are very poor and studious. Due to lack of money they should not stopped their education. So we have made some basic selection area and giving them scholarship.

Education in the modern world has proven to be the most important tool to shape prosperous life. Nepal however, fails to provide the opportunity and the rights of being educated to every child. The victims that are deprived from the opportunity of education are those kids who have experienced the biggest nightmares. Be it the war victim children, or the kids abandoned after family disputes or orphans resulted by natural calamities; kids in Nepal are plenty in number who have no privilege of going to schools. This vulnerable demography of the country is forced for child labor and in case of girls, they are provoked and compelled to be sex workers.

Advanced Adventures in collaboration with Pioneer Foundation Nepal has actively contributed in the education sector of the country. We have renovated the school in Lalitpur and we have sponsored the school fees for five children of Tharu community. The logistic and stationeries support for the orphanage homes have been our yearly activity.

We are supporting Community via Pioneer Foundation Nepal.

Advanced Adventure has been fully connected with social organization of Nepal called Pioneer Foundation Nepal. We have been helping in the school rebuilding project, sanitation and clean up campaign of Gorkha .During the time of earthquake we have helped so many people directly and indirectly. Regarding education, health, and other aspect of the society we have been fully inclined. We have conducted so many charity treks in Himalayas. Our mission is to uplift the society with the help of various kind hearted people around the world. 

In the present context, the country has suffered even more after the devastating quake 2015. Many kids have been orphaned and many schools have collapsed. Our CSR Policy after the quake is quite clear. We will soon start the campaign to raise the funds to rebuild destroyed schools of the Central Nepal and we shall come up with the brighter idea that provides equal opportunities for underprivileged kids to get educated.

We no doubt recommend Advanced Adventures to anyone willing to go trekking in Nepal.

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