Meet Our Vibrant Team

We have recruited our leaders from the various destination and regions based on the natural heritage. As we know, travelling is not only determined by where we are travelling but also determined by with whom we are travelling.  Therefore, we offer you dynamic, kind and caring leader having licenses from the ministry of Tourism, speak fluent English and hold a high Altitude First Aid Certificate. They are very eager to share their personal and native knowledge with you. They will be very happy to introduce you about themselves. They create the interpersonal relationship with you and the local people .They will help you to explore favorite local places, people and the flora and fauna .Moreover they will lead you new spot full of natural beauties that has not been explored until now. So our team will assure your good staying in Nepal with full of security and caring environment. Your happiness is our pleasure.     

Advanced Adventures is the team of hardworking tourism professionals. Engaging the best-fitted individual at all places for all activities during the operation of entire tour or trek is the specialty of the team Advanced Adventures.The Management Team of the company has experienced the grounds of operating tours and treks in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet and hence, each tour we operate becomes flawless knowing all the pros and cons while operating tours or trek across the Himalayan Nations.

We are the team of local experienced leaders. All of our trek and tour guides have more than 10 years of experience. Our guides are well trained, experienced, fluent English speaking, altitude trained, first aid and eco trained so they are the most qualified leaders to your trip. Our guides have the most updated information about the mountains, peoples, local culture and traditions. They are the part of the mountains culture and traditions so they could take you in real deep into authentic Nepal than anyone else.

Our guides are also trained for the extreme and unforeseen conditions in the mountains that could come across during the treks or peak climbing adventures in the Himalayas. They know the exact procedures to handle and rescue during altitude sickness, make quick and appropriate decisions during any sort of adverse situation in the Himalayas.

Our leaders are very honest and familiar to the local tea house/ guest house and helpful to the local community so that they get each and every help from the locals in Himalayas if they deem which is very important. Also, at our every trip, our trek leader carry enough medicine for our every trip and help locals with the required medicine to their basic health issue such as blister, eye drops, medicine of headache, AMS, Diarrhea, etc so our help to the local life is valued.

Our climbing guides are the well experienced climbers who have already climbed many of 7000s and 8000m peaks including Mt. Everest (8848m) so they have the excellent information about the route of climbing peaks and well trained peoples in the Himalayan expeditions.