Social Awareness

Our expectation: the more respect the more progress

Multicultural assimilation
Our Nepalese culture is fully different from the Western culture. Due to the new environment you might get something uncomfortable, to someone unfamiliar to the Nepalese lifestyle.  But this uniqueness is the property of your travel. There are various things to be considered regarding the clothes one wears, how one eats, the tone one uses while talking, to the proximity one maintains while communicating. You’re Patience, courtesy and smiles are the ornament to make your trip memorable in Nepal.

Come as guest, back as Friend
you can make a new friend with new vision and progress of life. While travelling toward the local area you will have so many opportunities to make a friends .Everybody will respect and love you. With chat with the locals you will learn about their daily lives, culture and attitude to life, plus have a very enjoyable time and a few laughs. This is only possible in Nepal as we love new guest and their arrival.

Go green, do green and think green: Environmental Responsibility
Without the concept of responsible tourism the tourism industry cannot be sustained. We are the parts of our society. So all our impact will be gone on society directly and indirectly. We always brief our guest about the environmental policies and encourage them to participate in clean up campaigns to promote awareness as well as to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Our inclination toward the environment is the milestone for future tourism.

Can I assist for locality?

The management of waste and population is the devastating problems throughout the world. We have not proper disposal and recycling system.

We kindly request our visitor to arrange the waste properly. While shopping you will be given plastic bags but don’t be shy in suggesting that it isn’t needed. Your tiny help is highly please kindly support us in our campaign. Please kindly support to minimize the waste of plastic water bottles. Consider packing a water filter, water purification tablets or iodine to purify drinking water. Your information and actions are always please only think how can you make the environment productive.

 Can I have new way of Dinning & Shopping?
Advanced Adventure is highly community oriented local based organization .so we always inspire our clients to have local food and drinks, rather than seeking imported familiar snacks and drinks. You have the enough advantages of the local foods. Local food is healthy and it will save your economy as well.

Regarding any memento or shopping we kindly request you to visit the manufacturers in the villages instead of fancy emporiums and departmental stores. If you by the things with local people it will be more supportive for their economy and we can obtain a fairer price for their products.

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures

More than the urban educated communities, Nepal has remote ignorant societies, where the darkness still prevails just because of minor awareness to various aspects people of these remote communities lack. The lack of education and effective awareness campaigns in Nepal has resulted many social issues and hence many innocents have suffered to extreme degrees. The conservative communities need proper awareness campaigns so that every member of these communities can live the peaceful life.

The physical illness in these communities are still treated in conventional ways, which are the worst cultural taboos taking lives of many citizens in Nepal. The rural communities where the government of the country has been unable to introduce the services of proper education and health services are the prime destinations suffering the conservative beliefs that have been rooted in the brains of many Nepalese for ages. For example the AIDS patient in the communities dominated by conservative thoughts of Nepal still has to suffer extreme discrimination, which obvious doesn’t promote humanity.

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures

As a responsible tour operator, we have conducted several awareness campaigns in the remote communities of Nepal so that no one suffers just because of ignorance and lack of education on various aspects.

Social Awareness - Advanced Adventures