Our Guide our life 

Advanced Adventure team always based on the hard work and belief on the teamwork. We always appreciate and encourage the overwhelming work of our guides and porters .without their performance we cannot imagine the perfect trip. They have high sense of the humanity .so they behave you as their own family member. They create the inspiration, assurance, happiness and well exploration in your trek.

Sudip Aryal

Sudip Aryal is a very well travelled guide, having already travelled many European countries like Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. This gives him the multicultural exposure to be able to assist visitors from various parts of the world.

Sudip Aryal was born in Jeevanpur village of Dhadhing district. After completing his school from a public school there, he joined high school to study Travel and tourism, and history. Studying travel and tourism helped him realize the vast potential the sector carried for the economic development of Nepal.

His first opportunity in the field of trekking arrived in 2004 when he was given the opportunity to go to Dhampus Sarankot trekking as a porter. He continued learning his trade as a porter for a year. After a year, he started taking assisting trekking groups as a porter cum guide before turning a full time guide in year 2007.

Sudip is good at handling large groups of tourist; the largest group of them all was a group of 25 Chinese trekkers whom he helped in the Annapurna Circuit Trek. He loves taking tourists to remote places less travelled by tourists. In doing so, he believes that he gives tourists a chance to enjoy the unadulterated life, culture and tradition of the Himalayan people.

Bal Bahadur Tamang

Bal Bahadur Tamang was born in Solukhumbu. After completing his eighth grade, he left his village and went to Jiri to work as a porter. His first experience as a porter was to carry a big sack of rice from Jiri to Lukla. He has carried as heavy as 110 kg of load on his back as a porter.

After working as a porter for some years, he met a trek company owner in Lukla and started working for them as a porter. He was later afforded the opportunity to work as a guide. He took the opportunity with both hands. As a guide, his first assignment was to lead two Canadian trekkers and an Australian trekker to the Everest Base Camp.

At present, he lives with his family in Kathmandu. He has a 12 years old son and a 7 years old daughter. He is very fond of the mountains. So much so that as soon as a trek concludes, he cannot wait for the other to begin so that he can be around the mountains again.

 his first assignment was a group of two trekkers from Canada and Australia whom he took to EBC…that being his first trip, it required him to ask a lot of questions to other fellow guides…he learnt a lot.

his family is now in Kathmandu….he has two kinds..a 12 yo son and a 7 yo daughter…and his wife…..when he is not on trek , all he does is wait for the next group to arrive so that he can go to the mountains.

He believes that it is important to give tourists a unique taste of places they visit- be it local animals or flora and fauna, celebrations or culinary experiences. He tries his best to always give the tourists a close view of the life in the Himalayas beyond just the majestic mountains.

Prem Jirel

Prem Jirel was born in the beautiful village of Jiri, also known as the Switzerland of Nepal. He worked as porter and used to join trek groups from Lukla. After doing porter job for two years, he now works as a full time guide.

He got opportunities to mix up with guests and polish his English language skills as a porter. He likes learning languages from his guests and can communicate in Russian. Prem believes that tourists continue to come to Nepal because of its mountains which are like nowhere else in the world.

He lives with his family in Kathmandu. During off seasons, he goes to his village and helps his parents in agriculture. Prem has a fascination towards German language and wants to learn the language in the future.

Eaklal Amgai

Born and raised in Gorkha, Eaklal Amgai has almost 15 years of experience in trekking. After completing his school in Gorkha, he came to Kathmandu and started studying Business Management at Saraswati Campus.

He was in search for a job to help him sustain in the capital when he got an opportunity to work as a porter for four German trekkers in Langang trek. The job was certainly not easy, provided him ample learning opportunities which he cherished.

His first trek as a guide was 30 days’ Annapurna Circuit Trek with a Spanish guest. He loves Everest Base Camp trek because showing Mt. Everest to his guests fills him with pride and happiness.

He lives with his wife and son in Kathmandu. He believes that tourists should come to Nepal because it offers diverse tourism opportunities. Eklal is famous for his funny jokes that he cracks to lift everyone ip during trek.