For joining our Nepal tour itineraries, you can prepare the clothing and equipments as per the seasons based, however you do not required any heavy clothing. Normal clothing is enough however if you are planning this sightseeing trips at winter, enough warm clothing is essentail.

Please find the reference of the clothing and equipments required for the Nepal tour trips.

Sun hat or scarf

Light balaclava or warm fleece hat

Sunglasses with UV protection

Upper Body:
Few T-shirts

Fleece jacket or pullover

Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)

Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket

Lightweight gloves


Lower Body:
Under garments

Lightweight cotton long pants

Fleece or wool pants

Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants

Thin, lightweight inner socks

Comfortable hiking shoes


Reading book

Trail Map/Guide book

Journal & Pen


Pencils and small notebooks

Travel game i.e. chess, backgammon, scrabble