Best Season

Tour in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year. Basically we have four seasons in Nepal. Each season has its distinct attraction to offer. The seasons are classified as follows:

AUTUMN (SEPT-NOV) - This season offers excellent weather and best visibility. This is the best time to tour in Nepal. Days are clear with blue sky, clear visibility and temperature is best by this time as well.

WINTER (DEC-FEB) - This season is noted for occasional snowfall only at higher elevations. Hence it is ideal for tour at lower and mid Nepal Valleys.

SPRING-(MARCH- MAY) - This is another best seasons for touring in Nepal.  Tour is particularly lovely with beautiful and colorful flowers on the trees. The temperature is hot compar with other seasons, excellent visibility and good weather.

SUMMER (JUN- AUG) - Tour can be dine at this time as we but it is mostly a raining time so you are likely to have wet tour days. This season is also recommended for forest researchers and botanist.