Offers & Discounts

At Advanced Adventures, we have a special promotion policy for the travel leaders, groups and any travelers who could benefit AA and if so AA benefits to them as well.

So, if you are travel leader, or if you are traveling with your groups of peoples, we AA is very much looking forward to coordinate with you to your any trips with us.

Here below is our latest offers and if you are eligible to this, please mention this to us while booking a trip and you would be benefited for this.

  • 1. Group Travel Policy & Group Leaders:

    If you could collect groups of peoples to your adventure trips which you have assigned with AA, then you are eligible for the AA groups offer. To encourage the group travelling, we have brought the following offers to our every adventure.

    I- Once you have booked your trip with AA, if you could recommend minimum of 2 couple to join your adventure trip or any trip at Advanced Adventures at any date, you would get 5% discount on your booked trip cost……

    II-  If you could bring minimum of 5-8+ peoples to your adventure, you as a group coordinator, you got 20% discount on our trip cost……

    III- If you could bring minimum of 15+ peoples to your trip, you are treated as a group leader and your spot at any AA trip is free of cost….

  • 2. Take Two trips and get 5% Discount on each Trips:

    We would like to encourage our travelers to join us for more than one adventure trips (Multi adventure trips) and if you join us for more than one adventure trips, then you are eligible for 5% discount to our both trips. So please take an advantage of this opportunity and book multi trips with Advanced Adventures…….

  • 3. Recommend Link Exchanged or Connect Advanced Adventures with Leaders/Travel Company/Tour Operators & Get appropriate discount on our trips:

    You may bring/connect Advanced Adventures to any of the adventure travel related forum for link exchange opportunity, such as linking with gear selling company or any sport company or any travel insurance company and get minimum of 5% to 50% discount on your trip booked with Advanced Adventures.

    Also, if you know any western travel company or the leaders who is enthusiastic to work for Himalayan destination of Nepal & if you could connect us to them, then you are offered for a maximum discount of 10- 100% discount on your trip cost.

  • 4. Support Advanced Adventures & Travel Free: Volunteer Work or Social Work

    Well, simply, if you could assist AA, then AA could also assist you in many ways. If you planning a trip to Nepal Himalayas, but looking for an opportunity travel on maximum discount possible or travel free, then you could simply associate with AA for such opportunity trips across the Himalayas.

    If you are copy writer and could help AA to rewrite it text (Tours, Trekking & mountaineering etc- But professional documents required), then you may be offered to travel in discount to free of cost.

    If you are a travel writer or reporter to any travel related forum for the Himalayas, glacier or photographer for any international magazine such as national geography etc, lonely planet, trip advisor etc, then you could travel free with Advanced Adventures as helping us for promoting ourselves on/through those prestigious organizations. 

    Be associated with AA on responsible tourism, or join our voluntary program or social work in our Himalayan poor community and be eligible for the discount to travel free to your any AA trips.

  • 5. Share information about AA on social media (Face Book, Twitter etc), recommend & Travel Free

    We assume, you must be very familiar with famous social media such as face book or twitter and keep on sharing your information there. If you could recommend AA at your face book /twitter friends, or recommend the link of AA to your groups of friends or in your society, then you could be offered to travel in discounted cost to free travel for this.

    Please feel very free to contact us for any offer as Advanced Adventures have above on this page. We are very much looking forward to your coordination.

  • 6. Get 5% student discount

    Students from all over the globe can avail this offer. Contact us for more details.

For contact, please kindly email us at or call us at our 24 hours Cell number at, +977 97510 40806 at anytime.