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April 25 2015, everything in Nepal was normal until the devastating Earthquake of 7.9 moment magnitude struck the nation at 11:56 AM local time. In colorful and vibrant Kathmandu and in the isolated villages of central Nepal the lives of millions were instantly changed forever. Earthquake that centered Barpak of Gorkha swept away the lives of thousands and happiness of millions.

The latest report confirms that death toll has exceeded over 7000 and more than twice the number has been injured. More than 150 thousand homes turned into debris and the centuries old heritage sites were thrashed to the grounds. The earthquake also triggered avalanches in Everest and Langtang Regions claiming more than 250 lives.

The biggest tragedy of Nepal doesn’t end here. The challenge of rehabilitating the homeless victims of the earthquake and offering them genuine reasons to live their lives begins now. Advanced Adventures has however, prioritized to contribute the families of our Sherpa guides as most of our guides belong to the most affected areas and their families have suffered the loss of their homes. It doesn’t mean that we would totally ignore the victims of other regions, however that would be our second priority at the moment.

Hence, we urge all our well-wishers to contribute to help the families of our Sherpa guides and porters, with whom you might have enjoyed your treks in the Himalayas of Nepal. We also have a transparent policy to come up with the expenditure details so that you would be assured that the money you have contributed has been 100% utilized to serve the victims of this disastrous earthquake.

Lastly, we would appeal you to collective contribution to bypass the individual hassle and high transferring charge as now every penny in Nepal can be utilized to serve the panicking victims of the earthquake.

How can I contribute

1. Payment by Wire Transfer:

Beneficiary Bank- Himalayan Bank Limited.
Beneficiary Company- Advanced Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
Account No- 019 02880870014
Swift Code- HIMANPKA 
Account Type- Current Account

Bank Address:
Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building
Tridevi Marg, Thamel,
P.O. Box 20590, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
Telephones : 4227749, 4250201 
Telefax : 977-1-4222800 
Telex : 2789 HIBA NP, Swift HIMANPKA 
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