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As Nepal is a country of the Himalayas and the middle hill lands, and the trekking, mountaineering, its most recognized adventure activities, but apart from these, we do also have many more interesting activities adventure available in Nepal such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, wildlife safari etc and you may be delighted to experience either of these activities as per your interest.

Thus We, Advanced Adventures P. Ltd have also offered some of these exciting activities of those impressive adventures and hoping that our valuable viewers would love to be a part of either these adventures.

As adventure is our passion and we know yours too; thus we would love you to be a part of our adventure team for the great fun and enjoyment together……. We assure you a great adventure of lifetime!!!

Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal 6 Days

Activities: Sightseeing, Paragliding

Paragliding in Nepal has become incredibly an awe-inspiring experience for the adventure seekers. Paragliding in Nepal will take you on an aerial escapade over some of the best sceneries&nbs... Read More

Rafting in Trishuli

Rafting in Trishuli 2 Days

Activities: Rafting

Nepal is not only famous for alpine adventures but the country is also very famous for other adventure activities, which include the white water rafting adventure in the raging rapids of Himalayan Riv... Read More

Rafting in Bhote koshi

Rafting in Bhote koshi 2 Days

Activities: Rafting

Bhote Koshi River, that runs below the Freindship Highway in Tibet and Araniko Highway in Nepal originates in Tibet. The River is known for thrilling rapids of Level 4+ and hence caters the most chall... Read More

Wildlife Introduction in Chitwan National Park

Wildlife Introduction in Chitwan National Park 3 Days

Activities: Safari in the National Park

The Chitwan National park is one of the finest national parks in Asia; it lies in the lowlands of south-central Nepal, covering an area of 932 sq. km and is listed at World Heritage site since 1984. I... Read More

Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping 4 Days

Activities: Rafting, Bungy Jumping

The ultimate thrill of a Bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps the best site in the world. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River, and ... Read More

White Water Rafting in Nepal

White Water Rafting in Nepal 2 Days

Activities: Rafting

The Trishuli River is the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Royal Chitwan National Park. Rafting on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of ti... Read More

Wildlife Activity in Nepal

Wildlife Activity in Nepal 11 Days

Activities: Sightseeing, Safari in the National Park

We offer Wildlife activity in Nepal. Since Nepal don’t only have beautiful Mountains and other Adventure holidays, but also has a fine selection of pristine national parks. Wildlife activity in ... Read More