Health - Advanced Adventures

Extremely tough geographical conditions and the lack of education everywhere makes far-flung remote corners of Nepal deprive of health services. There are many places in Nepal that has no facilities of basic health services and hence people in these places suffer several health related disorders and sometimes even death because of minor health problem or epidemic that could have been treated easily. In the present context, the health posts of the villages in Central Nepal had been grounded and the reach of health services for the people of remote Nepal has dramatically gone down.

As the responsible organization, Advanced Adventures has prioritized public health under our CSR policy. Collaborating with Pioneer Foundation Nepal, we have already done some health related activities in remote village of Gorkha. During the free health camp in Gorkha, Bungkot more than 1000 villagers took the benefits of treating freely. Proper Sanitation also comes under public health and hence the construction of toilet in Chundevi Primary School, Lalitpur was the priority under our CSR policy in 2012.

Healthcare - Advanced Adventures

For the future, we have plans to conduct free health camps in the quake-affected villages of Central Nepal. We are planning to conduct free health orientations in these remote villages and most importantly, we are planning to raise the fund and skills to rebuild the grounded health posts of Nepal.